About us

Sheger Pvt. Ltd. Co. is a family owned and operated business. It was established in 1977. This multi faceted company is primarily involved in importing and distributing of furniture and TV antenna from different countries and the leading distributor in the business. It is also vastly involved in construction and real estate by building large mixed-use commercial properties in different central areas of the country and leasing it for different uses. It is also in the process of completing a luxurious hotel in the prime location of bole area in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. Our company has also started and new sector the name Sheker Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply Import and distribution.

Mr. Tadele Kassa opened the first shop in Sheger store in Addis Ababa around Merkato area. His energy and enthusiasm soon led to new ideas and ambitious expansion.

It first started import and distribution of furniture and other electronics from Indonesia and China.

It built the first commercial building, which has spaces for mixed use.

Sheger Started Import and Distribution of Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply products into Ethiopia under the name Sheker Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply Import and Distribution. Along with Asmi Industries it also started local distribution of Medial Supply products.

Sheger started building a luxurious hotel in the most prime location of the city. It is due to be completed soon.

It has expanded its real estate properties and its mixed use building in different areas of the city.

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